Guest Room Management

guestThink of all the devices in a typical hotel room. From lights to thermostats to automated drapes, and more. In-room management for all of it, and more. Our software gives you the control you need through a unified view, and it’s flexible enough to adapt as your needs change and grow.

Even it better, works seamlessly with the hotel’s back office software. So it’s easier than ever to ensure that every component throughout your property is operating the way it’s supposed to, and guest satisfaction stays high.

  • Lighting controls
  • Display unit controls
  • AV Source controls
  • Temperature controls
  • Access controls (RFID)
  • Intercom controls
  • Curtain controls
  • Indicators controls

We work with industry leading solution providers such as VITRUM (Italy) and ELKO EP (Czech) to provide comprehensive wired and wireless solutions. These can be integrated with leading access control brands to provide the guest a comfortable experience.

These state of art systems can provide quick investment return through substantial energy savings that can be achieved through presence detection to switch HVAC into standby modes (Guest Away / Summer). The wireless systems are suitable for retrofit existing rooms or existing GRMS systems.