Advantages of Smart Building Solutions

BMS system can isolate certain areas that are not being occupied and manage lights. Economy mode allows the use of outside air when the temperature allows, thus reducing the demand on the systems and reducing energy consumption.

Control system can rotate start ups between devices, manage start ups/shutdowns, optimize Morning warm-up timing, and extend the expected lifecycle of HVAC equipment while ensuring comfort for building occupants.

Controls systems can provide access to every aspect of your HVAC through a secure web browser interface from anywhere on the Internet, or limit visibility to your WAN, Intranet or the local workstation. You can view and adjust set points, temperature, scheduling, or any devices under control

Certain system controllers are self-diagnostic and can alert you if any problems occur in the control system. User defined custom alarms can be created to alert you of temperature abnormalities, device failures, scheduled maintenance, and other noteworthy events in your HVAC system.